How To Get Fitness Like Sushant Singh Rajput

How To Get Fitness Like Sushant Singh Rajput

Sushant Singh has set up a new standard of fitness in the film industry. The actor is being praised for his jaw-dropping physique. He performs various exercises like a pull-up, rolling crunch, etc.

What is the fitness mantra of John Abraham

What is the fitness mantra of John Abraham

John Abraham’s six packs drool you to the extreme level. The image of the John Abraham pops in everyone mind when they think about their physique. His commitment to fitness and healthy diet subsequently makes him the role model.

most common ab training mistakes

Most Common Ab Training Mistakes

To attain good abs, it is essential to follow three stringent steps, firstly, perform your cardio exercises, secondly pay attention to a healthy diet and thirdly do your abdominal workouts well.

five types of push ups to build chest muscles

Five types of push-ups to build chest muscles

The push-up is one of the most effective exercises, which strengthen the chest. It not only works your chest but also your triceps and shoulder. In addition, the push-up can be performed anytime, anywhere.

six benefits of jump rope fitness

Six Benefits of Jumping Rope Fitness

Jumping rope is very helpful to improve your health and to stay fit. Moreover, jumping rope exercises is also easy to do anywhere in the living room or while watching tv.

Five cable exercises to strengthen your core

Five Cable Exercises To Strengthen Your Core

The cable crossover machine provides a variety of options to strengthen and tone your core muscles and even burn belly fat quickly. Moreover, with a cable machine, you can quickly switch from one exercise to another.