common pullup mistakes

Four common pull up exercise mistakes

The pull-ups are one the best exercises for back, which just need a bar and your body weight. Many people practice it in a wrong way and fail to achieve fitness goals. For better results, pull-up should be performed in control manner.

six exercises for stronger knees

Six Exercises For Stronger Knees

The knees have the smaller range of motion which makes them more susceptible to injuries. There are many causes for knee problems like overusing them and muscle imbalances or mobility issues.

common misconceptions about getting six pack abs

Six common misconceptions about getting six pack abs

The majority people get the feeling of tightness while doing crunches and so they believe that crunches are the key to attain well-developed abs but this is not the truth. You will not find the results unless you start losing weight.

seven benefits waking up early

Seven benefits of waking up early in the morning

Waking up early morning makes you ready to accomplish anything and adds more time to your day. Moreover, when waking up early it adds the sense of achievement. Those people who woke up early are always staying focused.

ways to improve human growth hormone

Effective ways to improve Human Growth Hormone

Human Growth Hormone plays a very important role in children for promoting growth while in adults the hormone is responsible for numerous maintenance tasks like maintaining cholesterol levels, etc.

exercise to make calf muscles-strong

Exercises to make calf muscles strong

The calves are important and essential for almost all movements, so focusing on these muscles during training can help you to avoid unnecessary injuries and pains. If your calves are strong you’ll be able to move better, faster and smarter.