five ways to measure your health

Five ways to measure your health

There are many tests available to measure your health. If you keep track on your health then you can precautionary measures to improve your weakness. The Body Max Index gives you a sense of whether you are in the range of healthy weight.

How Many Pushups One Should Do In A Day

How Many Pushups One Should Do In A Day

The number of pushups you should practice depends upon your fitness level. The person with higher fitness level can perform more push-ups comparatively to others. The push-ups primarily target upper body and chest.

exercises to improve neck posture

Four exercises to improve neck posture

The weak muscles in your neck and upper back can also lead to a forward head and rounded shoulders. Neck exercises and stretches will help you to improve your posture and other symptoms of poor neck posture.

Seven exercises to build strong and wider back

If you practise exercise for back regularly it makes your backside sculpted and it looks good when you walk. The back exercise has a deeper impact on your body as it keeps your posture clean and spine healthy.

reasons you dont have a six pack yet

Six Reasons You Don’t Have A Six-Pack Yet

If you are not getting six pack abs despite hard work don’t get frustrated it may be because you’re making some mistakes which creating problems for you to achieve a fitness goal. To get proper six pack abs you need to burn more calories.

Everyday Healthy Habits That Are Actually Bad For You

Everyday Healthy Habits That Are Actually Bad For You

In our day to day life, we do many activities and habits. Without knowing if they are actually good for us. We start doing and building those habits because somebody else has said these are good habits. But we have never checked for once if those are really good? This way we build up many healthy habits which actually not healthy for us. Awareness is much needed about this.

Foods That Slow Down Your Metabolism

Foods That Slow Down Your Metabolism

Eating good foods have a great impact on the metabolism. Low metabolism triggers problem like indigestion, slow down fat burning and also disrupt hormones.

exercise to maintain hemoglobin level in the body

Exercise To Maintain Hemoglobin Level In The Body

The primary function of the hemoglobin is to transport oxygen from lungs to the body tissues. The oxygen transported by hemoglobin is important for living cells to function properly. The iron-rich protein also carries away carbon dioxide away from the cells.

what are the benefits of morning excercies

What are the benefits of morning exercises

Morning exercise relieves stress, promote metabolism as well as burn calories. If you practice morning exercise you will feel refreshed throughout the day. You will have a better day as the morning exercise helps to release the stress.