exercises total waste time

5 Exercises That Are A Total Waste Of Your Time

Regularly visiting gym does not mean that you are executing exercise in the right way. The improper execution of exercise will derail your fitness as well as waste your time. And the gym equipment is not necessary to stay fit.

things keep mind weight lifting

Things to keep in mind while weight lifting

The majority of people believe that cardio will help them to gain lean muscles. But the fact is cardio alone will not help them to gain muscles. They need to practice other exercises like weightlifting.

foods to avoid if you want a six pack

Foods to avoid if you want a six pack

It is very important to consume healthy diet whether you want six-packs abs or bigger biceps. However, the proper execution of exercise also plays a key role in your fitness.

Why Fartlek training is beneficial

Why Fartlek training is beneficial for runners

The Fartlek is a combination of short and fast bursts of intensive exercise. This training will also help to raise the level of fitness. It will help to burn more calories, strength, endurance, motivation as well as overall athletic performance.

how to get muscular and toned body like vj bani

How to get muscular and toned body like VJ Bani

Bani J has become an inspiration to all women who want a physique like her. The ex-roadie has transformed herself into the sculpted muscular goddess. She never misses her workout and sticks to her diet. She also gives 100 percent to the fitness despite her hectic schedule.

high intensity interval training to boost metabolism

High-intensity interval training to boost metabolism

The HIIT training is one of the best metabolism boosters. Moreover, the training has the ability to keep the body burning fat even after the workout. The training also benefits blood flow and blood vessel dilation.

three outdoor workouts to stay fit

Three Outdoor Workouts to Stay Fit

Performing exercises in the gym, have its own speciality and working out outside the gym or house has its own benefits. While performing exercise outdoor you will breathe fresh air and Vitamin D.

six ways to build muscles faster

Six ways to build muscles faster

People get frustrated due to their failure while trying to achieve fitness targets, despite sticking to the diet and sweating out enough. Here are some habits which are hampering your muscles growth. Moreover, small changes can add up to your fitness results.

exercises to gain weight

Seven exercises to gain weight fast

People with a skinny structure can find it difficult to gain body weight and they are more prone to health issues like bone density loss and organ damage. The skinny people can also gain weight and transform their entire appearance by adopting exercises.