What things you should not to do for stronger bones

Six things you should avoid for stronger bones

Healthy and stronger bones help to maintain a healthy body. However, there are many things that you are doing every day that is making your bones weak. Therefore, it is important to know what are the things you should avoid to get stronger bones.

how to get figure like kriti sanon

How to get lean and slim figure like Kriti Sanon

Kriti Sanon is famous for her lean and slim figure. She daily spends the same amount of time for improving acting as well as to attain high levels of fitness. Undoubtedly, fitness is very important in the Bollywood industry to attract the eyeballs of people.

tricks to trigger stagnant muscle growth

Tricks To Trigger Stagnant Muscle Growth

The muscle growth halts due to following a similar workout for a long time. As following similar workout routine increases muscles size only to an extent. Negative repetitions also cause additional pressure on your muscles.

facts you should know about abs training

Facts you should know about abs training

When it comes to training abs, all knowledge and logic create a mess in the minds of people. The exercise which they perform actually doesn’t make any sense in order to achieve fitness goals.

tips to burn fats without even realizing

Tips to burn fats without even realizing

Some people don’t have time to exercise due to their busy schedule. But don’t worry here is a solution to this problem. You can burn tons of calories by enchaining day to day activities.

fundamentals rules for building muscle

Five Fundamentals rules for building muscle

The bodybuilding is an art and you are only the sculptor of the body. To get the perfect body, it is very important to understand the principles of training and building muscles. Firstly, it is an important thing to know which exercise is better for the muscle growth.

habits that are sabotaging your workout

Habits that are sabotaging your workout

These mistakes are very small and you are committing them without even noticing. The exercise along with healthy diet is necessary whether you are gaining or losing weight.