Different types of protein shakes to build strong muscles

Different types of protein shakes to build strong muscles

Protein shakes are necessary for the growth of the muscles. The one who is working out on muscles requires more of protein for their body. However, protein shakes can be boring in taste sometimes. Do not worry, a little addition of surprising ingredients can turn a boring protein shake into a healthy and tasty shake.

how to stay fit with hula hoops exercises

How to stay fit with hula hoops exercises

People practised many exercises to stay fit and healthy. But some people do not enjoy it and start feeling bored soon. Hula Hoop is the best exercise to have fun while exercising. This reduces calorie intake easily.

exercise to make strong deltoid muscles of shoulders

4 Shoulder Exercises To Make Deltoid Muscles Strong

To improve the strength of shoulders and shape, you need to make your deltoid muscles stronger and larger. It also helps you to make your shoulders look more attractive. Some exercises are quite effective to make this muscles strong.

How Sheryln Chopra stay slim and healthy

How Sheryln Chopra Stay Slim And Healthy

Sherlyn Chopra works hard for her slim and fit figure. She does not compromise with her workout routine and adopts effective exercises in the routine. Some of the exercises strengthen her body and reduce the extra fat too.

not feeling well even 8 hours sleep

Reasons you do not feel well even after 8 hours of sleep

It is not important that your day will also be refreshing and comfortable by taking 8 hours of sleep at night. It is important to feel good when you get up in the morning to start the day well. Know the reasons why you feel tired all day long even after full sleep.

foods avoid workout

5 Foods to avoid before workout

Unintentionally, we eat something before going to a gym that makes us sick or has negative effects on the body. Many people know what to eat before going to the gym, but people often do not know about which food should be avoided before going to the gym.

exercises to get amazing lower abs

Exercises to get amazing lower abs

Your body can not be considered fit if your lower abs are not in a shape. If you have six packs abs that you would be considered as a fit person and it also add charm to your personality.

how to get fit body like sonu sood at the age of 43

How to get a ripped body like Sonu Sood

Sonu Sood gives a tough fight to lead actors in the term of personality and fitness. He works hard to maintain his fitness level even in the age of 43. He mostly practices body weight and cardio exercises to stay fit.