how to make muscular neck forearms and calf

How to Make Muscular Neck, Forearms and Calf

With the wide neck, forearms and muscular calf, your body looks attractive and attain people’s attention. There are some special exercises for making these muscles better, which can help you to get an improved physique.

What Are The Amazing Tips To Build Bigger Biceps

Five amazing tips to build to bigger biceps

The people, who aim for bigger biceps, work hard in the gym but sometimes they fail to achieve the desired results. There are many reasons for such failures such as they are not properly executing exercise or not adopting variation in the exercises. Interestingly, here many ways to build stronger and bigger biceps.

10 minutes of workouts to maintain energy level all day long

10 minutes of workouts to maintain energy level all day long

This workout enhances the metabolism with increasing workout energy. It makes the body burn calories in an efficient manner. To achieve all these benefits you only have to practice 10 minutes of work out every day. Well, it is not a difficult task.

which reasons halts your weight loss process

Which reasons halts your weight loss process

People try their best to lose the extra fat in their bodies, but sometimes nothing works. In fact, to reduce fat, you should be careful about some important things like exercise and dieting, as they affect the metabolism rate and fat burning process.

mistakes prevent growth triceps

Mistakes which prevent the growth of triceps

To make your arms look muscular, your triceps muscles should be muscular and bigger, because most of the part of the arm falls under this muscle itself. But people repeat some mistakes while exercising for triceps, which halts the growth of the triceps.

common workout injuries and how to avoid them

Common workout injuries and how to avoid them

In the absence of knowledge, people get injured during the workout. These injuries create hurdles for people and deprived them of desired fitness results. The most common injuries, which people sustain during a workout are an ankle sprain, knee injuries, wrist sprains, shoulder joint injury etc.

bigg-boss 11 contestant hina khans fitness secret

Bigg Boss 11 Contestant Hina Khan’s Fitness Secret

Hina Khan’s jaw-dropping figure and commitment to fitness have attracted the eyeballs of people. Hina Khan is so serious about her fitness routine and she doesn’t even skip her workout routine even when she is busy with the famous reality show Bigg Boss 11.

why you need a partner to workout

Why you need a partner to workout

It is quite difficult for many people to exercise regularly as they lack the motivation. If you also lack motivation for exercise, then you can exercise with your partner who can motivate you for exercise as well as to stay fit.

mountain climber exercises to target your all core muscles

Mountain climber exercises to target your all core muscles

When you practice mountain climbers it engages your upper arms muscles, as well as your core and your legs. If you practice mountains climber in proper ways then you reap the result at the earliest. With adding variations in the mountains climbers it will help you to target all the core muscles.