Why women should do weight lifting

Why women should do weight lifting

Most women avoid weight lifting as they feel that they will end up with a bulked up body. However, when you start lifting the weight you turn stronger.

which mistakes prevent you from getting toned

Which mistakes prevent you from getting toned

If your target is to get a toned body then certain mistakes may create hurdles. If you will be aware of these mistakes then you are able to avoid them and attain the desired results at the earliest.

which flat belly exercises are waste of time

Which flat belly exercises are a waste of time

People believe that abs exercises help them to get flat and toned belly quickly. However, strengthening core muscles make up your six-pack but won’t actually lead to a flatter tummy. There some abs exercises which are totally a waste of time.

how to make lifting weights more effective

How to make lifting weights more effective

There are some methods which help you to make your weight lifting more effective and to take it one level up. If you effectively lift weight then you achieve your desired fitness goal at the earliest.

How to avoid muscle mass loss after leaving the gym

How to avoid muscle mass loss after leaving the gym

Maintaining the muscle mass is as important as gaining the muscles. It takes a lot of time to build muscles and thus when you leave the gym, you should try to maintain them. However, it is quite difficult to maintain the muscle mass and avoid the loss after you leave working out.

What is the shoulder workout routine of Dwayne Johnson

If you know the secret of Dwayne Johnson fitness then you may able to achieve the body like him. His shoulder strength is visible to everyone and following his shoulder workout may help you to get strong shoulder like him.