Stretching mistake

Which stretches you should never practice before workout

Some stretches should be performed after the workout and some before the workout. If you practice wrong stretches it may reduce muscles strength as well as also decrease muscles power. You must be aware of stretches which should not be performed before the workout.

Mistakes during strength training.

Which strength training mistakes wreck your workout

If you perform certain exercises incorrectly during strength training, it may use the wrong muscles and lead to instability and injuries. Engaging the right muscles is key for building strength and fitness. So, it is very important to perform all the exercise correctly without making any mistake.

How to get back to workout post-injury.

How to get back in the gym post-injury

This irregularity cost you heavy as it stops the development as well as the growth of the muscles. It is very important to recovery from injury at the earliest and resumes workout regime at the earliest.

reasons for skipping workout

Top reasons why you skip workout

The consistency in workout regime helps you to achieve fitness goals at the earliest. Unfortunately, many people skip the workout regime due to many reasons. The non-serious approach towards workout may not allow you to achieve fitness target at the earliest.

Squat mistakes

Which squats mistakes one should not ignore

The wrong execution of exercise may not target the right muscle and also cause injuries. Moreover, there is a variety of exercise, so there is always room for mistakes. If you will be aware of these mistakes, you can avoid them and gain maximum results at the earliest.

Body fat percentage

How different body fat percentage look on men

The average fat for men is 18 to 24 percent while 15 to 17 percentage, place you in the fitness category. Moreover, 10 to 15 percent fats are realistic for cuts. It important for you to know how the percentage of the body appear on the body. The body fat percentage 5 to 8 percent, 9 to 13 percent, 14-17 percent, and 18-20 percent look different on the body.

Gaining weight despite workout.

Top reasons for gaining weight even after following a workout regime

Top reasons for gaining weight even after following a workout regime: Sometimes, when you follow a workout regime for weight loss or toned body, it provides opposite result and causes weight gain. There are many reasons for this weight gain. You must be aware of these reasons, so you can avoid weight gain despite following workout regime.