Benefits of practicing 15 minutes exercise

Workout: What are the benefits of practicing 15 minutes workout

You can become fit by just performing 15 minutes workout. The 15 minutes workout brings a lot of changes in the body and provides numerous benefits. The 15 minutes exercises will be helpful in building strong muscles, burn calories and keep weight under control.

Safety measures to treadmills

Treadmills: How to safely use treadmills

There is a risk of injuries especially when people lose their balance on the treadmill. The consequences can include bruises, sprains, broken bones and concussions. It is very important to know how to make your treadmill workout safer.

No-equipment exercise for upper body

Body building Exercises: No-equipment exercises to strengthen upper body

If you are not practising exercise due to lack of equipment, then there are some no-equipment upper body exercises, which can be practised without any equipment. These exercises strengthen your upper body and provide the desired result at the earliest. You can practice these no-equipment upper body exercise anytime and anywhere.

Best weight training exercise for beginners

Weight training exercise: Best guide for beginners

Weight training exercise: Weight training for beginners need to be done carefully as there are many chances of severe injury. You must be well-acquainted with the exercises and machinery before you go to the gym. Start with easy workout and gradually improve your pace. Here are some best weight training exercises or cardio exercises to lose weight and burn calories.