Outdoor Workout Myths You Need to Stop Believing

outdoor workout myths you need to stop believing

The outdoor workout is very beneficial in order to stay healthy and fit. Moreover, the outdoor exercise also improves your mental health. People who prefer to workout outdoor as it does not bore them and allows them to inhale some fresh air. There are many other benefits of outdoor exercises as well, it improves the immune system, burn more calories, you will get a burst of vitamin D and also helps to improve moods. Despite having numerous benefits of outdoor exercise, it is surrounded by many myths. People believe these myths blindly despite they are wrong. (Also read: What exercises might harm your body)

Let’s know myths about the outdoor workout.

Stretching Prevents Injuries

This is one of the biggest myths that stretching reduces injuries. The stretching before a run had no impact on injuries. Instead, warm up with a brisk walk or slow jog. Even you can try some of the mobility exercises.

It’s Better to Run On a Soft Surface

Many people believe that running on the softer road is better for the joints. In this regard, they preferred softer road and payment. You should be extra vigilant on a softer surface as it may lead to twisted ankles. (Also read: Why is it necessary to practice side lateral exercise)

You Burn More Calories In the Heat

People believe that workout during heatwave burns more calories. The fact is running in 60-degree weather will burn a virtually same number of calories as run 85-degree weather. Moreover, if you workout in higher temps for 45 to 60 minutes it will cause cardiovascular drift. At the same time, it will increase sweat and your heart rate.

Water Is Enough to Keep You Hydrated For All Outdoor Workouts
outdoor workout myths you need to stop believing
The majority of people believe that water is sufficient to stay hydrated during outdoor workout. The fact is that when you run outdoor you dilute salt and electrolyte levels even more, which could lead to hyponatremia (low sodium levels which cause your cells to swell). To get rid of this problem make sure you also take salts and electrolytes to stay fully, safely hydrated. (Also read: Four treadmill workout that you have never practiced)

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