Necessary Bed Time Stretches Which Everyone Should Practice

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Necessary Bed Time Stretches Which Everyone Should Practice


Sleep is by far our favourite daily activity. But sometimes lack of sleep at night affects our entire upcoming day. We do a lot of exercises in a day but we generally do not stretch our body before going to bed. Let us tell you that, your lack of sleep might be a cause of this. Doing some stretches before bed do not harm us, rather it provides a great sleep with the stress less mind. So, let us have a look at this bedtime stretches which you should practice every day. Try this for one month and see the difference. (Also Read: Important Exercises To Increase Height Quickly)

Modify hurdler stretch:

Many of us are having a stiff hamstring. We spend a lot of time on our feet or give stress to our hips by stressing a lot in the day time at our work place. Taking some time out of your schedule to do this exercise can make your legs and hips more active and the muscles will be at their ease at night. Sitting on the bed with one leg folded and one leg extended is the exact position to do this exercise. Now you have to touch the tow fingers with your same hand of the extended legs. (Also Read: Four Exercises And Stretches For Hip Flexors)

Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch:

This exercise is great when you are planning to go off to sleep. Hip flexors are muscle exercises which will easily make out entire body relaxing. When our body muscles become stiff these exercises boost them massively. It helps us to get rid of any types of muscle pain and body aches. To perform this exercise you have to be in your kneeling position. After that, take one leg forward and place it with the foot flat on the ground. Then gradually, bend the knee at 90-degree angle. But make sure that your knee is over the ankle. This exercise will be great for your health.

Cat/Cow Stretch:

This exercise or stretch stress out muscles a lot. Your body becomes quite flexible after doing this stretch for 15 minutes. You just have to bring your arms straight under your shoulders. Now slowly breathe out as you round through your back. After that, stretch your body the way your abdominal muscles get tight. Do this for 5 times continuously. Invest at least 15 minutes on this exercise. It will be a great help for you. (Also Read: Different plank variations for a powerful workout

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