Which muscles can be strengthened with weighted squat exercise

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muscles can strengthened weighted squat exercise

The squat exercise is a very effective exercise, which is practised by the bodybuilder and weightlifter to strengthen the legs. If you believe that squats develop the muscles of the feet only then you are wrong. It is a compound exercise that affects many muscles at the same time. Squatting improves your overall physical strength as well as the level of fitness and the performance. (Also read: What are the exercises to pump body instantly)

Let’s know that which muscles are strengthened by weighted squats.

muscles can strengthened weighted squat exercise
The outer part of the thighs is called quads muscles, these muscles are most active in your walking and seating. Along with that, the strength of the legs depends largely on this. Weighted squat strengthens your quads by making the most impact on the muscles.

Core Muscles

The core muscles comprise of all muscles which support the spinal cord such as oblique, erector spine etc. Your core muscles are constantly under pressure while doing weighted squats, thereby increasing their strength and tolerance. With this, it also improves the stability and posture of your spinal cord. (Also read: What are the five interesting facts about exercise)

Gluteus medius

Gluteus is the largest and the most active muscle of the hips, which determines its strength. Weighted squat improves its functionality and makes it stable.


These muscles start from the bottom of your pelvis to the posterior part of the knee, which controls the movement of the hips. To be flexible for the lower part of the hips and waist, it is also very necessary to have your hamstrings flexible, so when you practice a weighted squat, it has a similar effect on the muscles.

Other muscles

In addition to these primary muscles, weighted squats make other muscles strong. Your shoulders’ tolerance increases because of barbells placed on the shoulders. Along the thighs and hips, the inner small muscles are also made powerful. (Also read: What are the amazing tips to become morning exerciser)

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