Most Common Ab Training Mistakes

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most common ab training mistakes

There are no shortcuts which can lead you to get abs overnight. Like anything else on earth, building muscles take its own course of time. To attain good abs, it is essential to follow three stringent steps, firstly, perform your cardio exercises, secondly pay attention to a healthy diet and thirdly do your abdominal workouts well. However, in many cases, it has been found that despite meeting all the above guidelines, the results are not satisfactory. This happens when there is a lack of execution of the pre-set goals in a proper manner.

But if you can execute goals in a proper manner or completely eliminate below-mentioned mistakes, your abs will pop out sooner.

The majority of people twist at the top while performing sit-ups, thinking that this twist helps to tone the oblique muscles, which is not true. Moreover, instead of toning the oblique muscles the twist cause compression on waist and side muscles.

The force on the spine
The spine is under pressure when you practice abdominal exercises such as sit-ups. One of the common injuries among regular gym goers is the sore back problem. Practice good form crunches, lifting only the upper part of your body and laying lower stress on the back.

Swiss ball crunches
People made two common mistakes while performing Swiss ball crunches. The majority of people choose a wrong posture and instead of laying back on the ball they sit straight and upright on it. The second mistake which is very common people doesn’t check the air in the ball. In this regard, lie on a ball such that face the ceiling instead of a ball. Moreover, swiss ball crunches help in strengthening your stabiliser muscles in a great way.

While performing plank many people lift their hips upward, which makes exercise easier but don’t help to build abs. To avoid this mistake, perform planks in front of the mirror and keep the check on your body while performing the exercise. Keep posture straight and not arch your lower back.

Irregular work out
The abs workout is quite boring and the person becomes irregular after performing the same workout every day. This irregularity in a workout should be avoided if you want six packs sooner.

Improper Diet
The majority of people think that avoiding fats would help them to lose extra fat from the body which is absolutely wrong. It is necessary to eat a balanced diet and don’t sacrifice on food. Plan it in such a way that it provides you nutrition.

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