Four mistakes that you should never commit while practicing deadlift

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four mistake never commit practicing deadlift

Everyone wants sculpted physique and fit body. People work hard to attain such physique. It is well-known fact that the dead lifting plays very important role in sculpted physique. The dead lifting strengthens major muscles of the upper body as well as the lower portion of the body. Furthermore, deadlifting strengthen the entire back and its surrounding muscles. In fact, the deadlift is the most effective exercise for building the core strength that affects all other major muscle groups. To avail the all the benefits of deadlifting exercise you need to practice it in the right way otherwise it may cause injuries. Some people practice it in wrong way and fail to yield the desired results. (Also read: Walking workouts to burn more calories than Yoga)

Here are the mistakes you should never commit while practising dead lift.

Your shins are too far forward

Avoid angling of your shins for effective results. Keep your shins vertical as possible as to the bar. If your shins are too forward then you can not engage efficiently the glutes and hamstring muscles, which are the main focus of the dead lifting.

Your torso is too upright

Bend your torso over the bar while keeping the back straight instead of keeping the torso upright. You keep the torso upright while practising squats and dead lifting is completely different exercise with different movement. Keeping your torso over the bar will effectively glutes and hamstring muscles. (Also read: Is it better to run outdoor or on a treadmill)

Your back is rounded

Always keep your back straight while practising dead lift as rounded back may cause spinal and lower back injuries.

Your hips are rising too fast

The majority of people raise hips and lock their knees before the upper body rising. If you lift your hip first then you have extended with your lower back to pull the barbell up. For better results raise your shoulder and hips at the same rate. It recommended developing tension through your hamstrings and glutes. (Also read: Top 5 effective ways to do push-ups)

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