Mistakes which prevent the growth of triceps

mistakes prevent growth triceps

For muscular arms, both biceps triceps muscles should be strong and muscular. The triceps is largest muscle of the arm, Strong and muscular triceps make hands shape more attractive and your upper body looks more strong. But people make mistakes while exercising for triceps muscles, which reduces the effect of exercise and they do not get better results. (Also read: How to make bigger and stronger muscles with the help of small workouts)

Let’s know common triceps exercise mistakes.

Not performing overhead movement

The practice of overhead exercise increases the mass of the triceps muscles and the muscles get fully activated. So, in your triceps workout, please include the seated or incline barbell or dumbbell overhead. After that, you will start getting better results in a few days.

Not practising close grip bench presses or dips

Close grip bench presses and dumps are slightly difficult to do exercise, so people who go to the gym often overlook them. But these exercises play a very important role in determining the shape of triceps. Practice these exercises in every triceps workout. (Also read: Three important things you should follow for muscular body)

Practicing the same amount of exercise for biceps and triceps

People practice the same amount of exercise for triceps and biceps. But to develop the triceps completely, you need to exercise more than the biceps, because the triceps are a bit more complicated muscles, which requires more pressure.

Keeping the elbows wide

The position of your elbows is very important during the triceps exercise. But people exercise the triceps while keeping the elbows wide, causing reduction of tension from the triceps muscles and as a result, your hard work goes away. Therefore, keep the elbows close and stable as much as possible, so that the triceps can get maximum stress.

Not locking the triceps

To fully activate the triceps muscles during the exercise, the triceps should be locked in the rep movement. But most people begin to rep them without locking them, which causes more pressure on the elbows and increases the chances of injury. (Also, read: Five upper body exercises that you are ignoring)

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