How Milind Soman revolutionized the world of fitness

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How Milind Soman revolutionized the world of fitness

Milind Soman is another name for fitness and health. He is an inspiration to marathon runners all over the world. He is a national level swimmer, a successful model as well as an actor. In the age of 51, his perfect body can give any young man a run for his money. Milind’s secret to a fit body is all about eating in moderation and working out regularly.

Our very own Indian Iron man went through a huge transformation. From a chain smoker to fitness idol Milind has been an inspiration to the youth everywhere. What sets Milind different from usual fitness idol is that he doesn’t believe in gyming. He prefers natural ways of maintaining a fit body.

Milind hated running as a child, but while training for the title of Ironman he started taking it seriously. Surprisingly, he likes to run barefooted. According to him, it feels more natural and free if you run barefooted.

He doesn’t believe in preparing for just an event. His idea of fitness is sustainability as a whole. It is not a goal oriented fitness routine, in contrast of the same, it is about maintaining a fitness level.

In Milind’s own words “There is no such thing as a shortcut for fitness.” If anyone really wants to achieve a fit body, it important to invest time and energy in it. A healthy lifestyle is a matter of choice, it is not something to display the next week. Using diet tricks and shortcuts, the body gains a temporary fitness goal. However, in long run, it loses as the shortcuts don’t stay functional forever.

For someone who has completed Delhi to Mumbai marathon in 30 days. That means running 60 km each, diet is equally important. He always speaks of the importance of home-cooked food. His daily diet includes simple food items such as roti, daal, vegetables and curd.

In the world of supplements for a better body, Milind refrains from having it. He doesn’t take vitamin pills or steroids. He thinks of his goal to be healthy as well as happy. That is why our beloved Captain Vyom sticks to simple but regular work out routine. To stay fit it is important to put sustainable lifestyle above all.

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