How To Get Six Pack Abs Without Pain

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make six pack abs without pain

It has been told to bodybuilders that for making muscles, you have to endure pain and muscles are never developed without pain. But sometimes it may be a problem for you to ignore the pain in your body. Most exercises practised for abs have a negative effect on the waist, which can cause unbearable pain and swelling around the waist. But some exercises which do not negatively impact your waist and also give effective results. (Also read: What are the signs that indicate you are losing muscles instead of fat)

Let’s know which exercises help in making your abs without pain.

Instructions: To get better results, practice these exercises four times a week. Do these exercises as a circuit, after having done a set of one exercise, a complete one set of the second exercise and then a set of another exercise in the same way. After a little rest, complete the second and third sets of all the exercises.

Abs wheel rollout

This exercise only puts pressure on your abdomen and makes the waist flexible, which eliminates the possibility of waist pain. To do this, hold the abs wheel with hands and open the hands full and both legs and lie on the floor on the stomach. Now bring the wheel on the right side of the stomach and take it back again. (Also read: What are the ways to get faster results in the gym)


If you are suffering from back pain, then side-plan might be a beneficial option. This exercise does not put too much pressure on your waist, lie down on your right side to do it and hinge on your right forearm right below the shoulder. Now make a straight line between your shoulders, waist and feet, and try to stay up to 45 seconds in this condition.

Pall of Press:

To execute this exercise, hold single handles on the cable machine with both hands and stand on the right side of the machine. Now holding the handle near the chest, open the hands towards the front and then bring it to the chest. Repeat this process from the other side also.

Machine crunch

Machine crunch is much easier than normal crunch. To do this, sit on the machine and crunch with the power of your hands and feet. It does not put pressure on your waist and does not cause any kind of pain. Practice 10 reps for better results.

Raise Leg Crunch

There is no negative pressure on the waist while doing this exercise. To do this, lie down on the ground to the knees and bring the knees above the hips and keep the calves parallel to the ground. Now lift the neck and waist upside down slightly and then bring it down. Practice 10 reps for better results. (Also read: Effective workouts that are quite trendy and can increase your fitness)

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