Make Attractive Back With The Help Of Barbell Exercises

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make attractive back help barbell exercise

The biggest part of the upper body is our back. The width and the strength also depend upon the upper body. For the muscular and wider back, you should practice lats muscle exercise as this muscles determine the width of our backs. With the help of some Barbell Exercise, you can make back attractive because the lats muscles get the necessary posture and pressure while exercising barbell. (Also read: Amazing cable exercises to build strong and wide back)

Dead lift

Dead lift exercise affects all your back muscles. This exercise develops your lats and rhomboid muscles. To practice this exercise, place a weight higher than a little capacity on the barbel, then stand feet wide by the width of the waist. Now grab the barbell and straighten your waist, then put the weight on the ground. Taking your knees a little bit while lifting weight and keeping them down. Make 3 sets of 10-12 rap in this exercise.

Pendley Rows

This exercise gives both the effect of deadlift and bent over rows. Pendley Row has a lot of pressure on your lats muscles, and the lower waist also becomes stronger. To practice this, turn the knees slightly back and bend the waist forward at an angle of 90 degrees. Now bring the weight on the barbell, bring it to the chest and then put it back down. In this way, do 3 sets of 8-10 rep of Pendley row. (Also read: Medicine ball exercises to make muscular abs)

Meadows Row

Meadows row works independently on your lats muscles, which puts tremendous pressure on each side. This is also effective exercise to fix the imbalance of your lats muscles. To practice this, hang one end of the barbell on one side and put a weight on one end. Now bend your body slightly and lift one of the weights with one hand and bring it towards the chest. 3 sets of 12-15 rep of this exercise.

Chest supported row

If you think that your posture is wrong while exercising the back and not getting the effect. The chest supported can make it easier for you to cry. To practice this, lie beneath the stomach on the incline bench press and lift the barbell from the reverse side and bring it towards the chest. By doing this exercise your posture is fine and there is enough pressure. Make 3 sets of 8-10 reps of this exercise. (Also read: Machine Exercises to make fantastic muscles)

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