Four major reasons to practice squats

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four reasons practice squats

Whenever the person thinks of exercising, squat exercise pops first in every individual’s mind. Unfortunately, the majority of people avoid doing squat as they are very tough to practice. The squats are very helpful in increasing the body’s strength and building the mass. It also helps to strengthen forearm and legs. If you do not practice squats it may be your biggest mistake. So let’s tell you some reason that will force you to include Squat in your workout routine. (Also read: Superset workouts for strong and muscular back)

Boosts Testosterone

Squat increase natural levels of testosterone. Testosterone hormones are important for making muscles. To practice squat, the reps should be changed daily. Like the first 4-8 reps, 9-15 should be increased daily in this way. This will also escalate muscles growth and keeps the body healthy.

Works on Multiple muscles

There are very fewer exercises that work on multiple muscles in your body just like a squat. Squatting properly works on hip, glute, cough, and hamstring. The biggest advantage of squatting is that it also works on the lower part of the body. Squat also improves the balance of the body. (Also read: Three types of pilates reformer exercises to improve fitness level)


Crossover means to squat every day. Squatting daily gives strength to the rest of the muscles. People who do not squat daily can afford less weight than others. Squats are necessary to strengthen the thighs’ muscles.

Helpful sports person

Players need to have strong thighs, hips and glutes to show their power. Squats are very beneficial for this. It helps to improve the performance of the sportsperson by strengthening every muscle. Planimetric type squat exercise is very beneficial for further improvement in your performance.

Beneficial for knees

The squat is quite beneficial for knees. Deep squat increases the stability of the knees. The squat is less likely to suffer from knee injuries. If you are not using the right weight then it hurts. (Also read: Different types of protein shakes to build strong muscles)

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