How Many Pushups One Should Do In A Day

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How Many Pushups One Should Do In A Day

Pushups are very effective to improve strength, build muscles and enhance stamina. The number of pushups you should practice depends upon your fitness level. Performing pushups in proper manner and repetition of the sets help you to achieve fitness goals faster. Similarly, variation in push-ups helps a lot to stay fit. Due to its effective results, the pushups are very popular among the fitness freaks. The push-ups primarily target upper body, chest, triceps, and shoulder.

Moreover, you don’t need any dumbells or gyming equipment to do pushups. The pushups are body weight exercise and can be performed anywhere.

How Many Pushups Are Good For You?

There are no set rules for pushups but the fitness level plays a key role in it. You can perform pushups till the strength of your arms not exhausted. Generally, the person with higher fitness level can perform more push-ups comparatively to others. An average 25-year-old male can able to practice 39 push-ups while the same person with higher fitness level can practice 54 pushups or more.

Do As Many As Your Arms Can Support

It is well- known fact that push-ups are one of the best bodyweight exercises to gain muscles and also chest. The push ups help to build should and chest muscles. For better results, you have to continue pushups till your arms support. Give your hundred percent daily to attain best results. Place hands in narrow position, which is better gain great muscles activation.

Try More Sets And Variations

Growing muscles is a tough task but to gain muscles faster with pushups, you should do more sets and variations. If you practice push-ups without any variation, your body will adapt the exercise regime and it will be difficult for muscles to grow.

Beginners Can Start Off With Wall Pushups

Beginners can start exercising with wall pushups. Practice incline push-ups once you get comfortable with wall pushups. Moreover, three sets of 12 push-ups are enough for the beginner.

Pushups Alone Cannot Help You Lose Weight

Honestly, push-ups alone cannot help you to lose weight as it is callisthenics exercise. These exercises can not burn calories. Moreover, if you want to lose weight add more exercises into your daily routine.

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