Kettlebell workout to increase muscle strength and size

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kettlebell workout increase muscle strength size

You should continue to diversify the workout routine to increase muscle strength and increase strength. Diversification makes the workout routine more effective. And you can adopt a Kettlebell workout instead of Dumbell and Barbell once a week. Kettlebell’s weight is slightly below its handle, due to which the muscles have to work hard to balance it. (Also read: Tips to make workout interesting by removing boredom)

Know what is the Kettlebell workout and how it is done:

How to practice kettlebell workout

Kettlebell Workout strengthens your chest, shoulders, core and leg muscles, in which all the sets of an exercise are not done together, but after making a set of an exercise, make one set of the second exercise. After making a set of all the exercises, one of your circuits is complete, in the same way, make 2 circuits of Kettlebail workout and 4-5 circuits after the habit.

Kettlebell Swing

This exercise strengthens your shoulders and core muscles. To do this, stand feet equal to the shoulders and hold a case blow with both hands. Now bring the kettlebell to the knee and hips slightly and bring it in the middle of the feet, then keeping the momentum back and bringing it back to the front of the eyes. Rape 12-15 in one set of it. (Also read: How To Do Full Body Workout With TRX Bands)

Kettlebell Squat

By using kettlebell one can practice squat exercises for better results. To do this, stand the feet wide by the width of the shoulders and keep a kettlebell in front of the chest. Now keeping the waist straight, bring the thighs parallel to the ground and then stand back straight up. Rape 12-15 in one set of it.

Kettlebell Curl

This exercise strengthens your arms. Hold one Kettlebell in both hands and keep the elbows near the waist, bring the Kettlebell handle to the biceps, wrap 12-15 in 1 set of this exercise.

Chest Press

With the help of Kettlebell, to strengthen the chest, lie down on the waist on the ground and grab each and every lap in both hands and widen your arms with the shoulders. Now bring your hands down to the 90-degree angle and then take it back up. You can exercise in both hands together or one by one. Rep of 12-15 in one set of it is perfect. (Also read: Effective weight exercises for bigger triceps)

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