Keep waist pain at bay with warm up exercises

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keep waist pain at bay with warmup exercises

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Warming up before doing exercises is necessary to stay healthy. You can also keep your spinal cord healthy by practising a 5-minute warm-up. The healthy spinal cord helps you to do cardio and weightlifting. When you do warm up for the spinal cord, you should know that you can do it forward-to-back, right-to-left. But it can not rotate from one side to the other side. During the workout, you have to rotate your spinal cord. If you do desk jobs then your neck and waist, gradually start turning towards the back which causes pain. The pain creates hurdle in the workout. This pain can be solved with the help of some warm-up exercises. (Also read: Important Exercises To Increase Height Quickly)

Here are some warm-up exercises that help in removing waist pain.

Egg Roll

This exercise helps to relax the waist. Along with this, it also helps to smoothen the tight muscles. To practice this exercise, lie down in a soft place on the waist. After that, bring your knees near the chest. Now slowly move back and forth. Do this until the entire length of the spinal cord is further followed. Roll this way for 1 minute.

Toe touch

This exercise not only warm-up the waist but also strikes the muscles around it. To practice this, stand straight on your feet. Now, bowing your waist to the waist, come downwards. Touch your hands on the floor. During this, you should not bend your knees. If your hands are not able to reach the bottom then they can put them up a bit. Do this 15 times in this way. (Also read:  Necessary Bed Time Stretches Which Everyone Should Practice)

Rock-back rotation

This exercise prevents the lower part of the waist rotating more. It also enhances the rotation of the middle portion of the spinal cord. To do this exercise, kneel down on both hands and knees. Now put the hand on the back of the head and move the shoulder forward backwards. Similarly, with the other hand, practice 10 rotation with both hands.

Cat stretch

This exercise stretches the waist. To practice this exercise,  use hands and knees to sit on the floor. Now take the breath first and take the arc out from the waist and move it upwards. After that, leave the breath, in its old state. Do this 10 times in this way. Also read: How to improve your sleep for muscle growth)

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