Is it better to run outdoor or on a treadmill

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Is it better to run outdoor or on a treadmill

Running is very beneficial for health. It works on all the muscles of your body and helps to burn excess calories from the body. Running cardio is a part of the workout, which will reduce body fat and strengthen the whole body. Running can practice in two ways, in an open environment and on a treadmill inside a room or gym. Although both methods are effective in reducing excess calories from the body and strengthening the body, still they have advantages and disadvantages. (Also read:  Three types of Pilates reformer exercises to improve fitness level)

Let’s know which one is better running on a treadmill or running outdoors.

know which is better running outdoor or running on a treadmill
When you practice running outdoor, the air becomes resistant, due to which our body needs to work harder and burn more calories while running. While there is no resistance to the treadmill and burn low calorie comparatively. Also, the body gets more challenge due to the up and down paths.

know which is better running outdoor or running on a treadmill
When you are running outside, your body has to use strength to increase the speed and maintain it, which makes feet stronger and also controls the speed. While the speed on the treadmill is set, due to which your feet do not use force to speed up the pace. Moreover, indirectly the speed is also maintained by a treadmill. (Also read: Superset workouts for strong and muscular back)


Running on the treadmill may be a bit boring. Because there is only one thing in front of your eyes and you do not even get a partner, which can bore you while running. The running in outdoor you will get a partner too and be running on different paths also keeps you entertaining.

Oxygen Consumption

To burn calories while running, your body needs oxygen. Running in outdoor, your body gets enough oxygen from fresh air, while running on the treadmill inside the room or gym does not provide enough oxygen. (Also read: Four major reasons to practice squats)

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