Three important things you should follow for muscular body

important things you should follow for muscular body

The fitness enthusiasts work hard to achieve fitness goals. They spend long hours in the gym and stick to their diet to attain muscular body. It is very important to exercise along with nutritious diet to attain good physique. Despite working hard few people disappointed due to slow growth of muscles and not get in shape at the earliest. This happens due to lack of knowledge and in absence of proper guidance. The muscle growth depends upon the way of exercise execution. You have to execute exercise in a proper manner so that the muscle get full pressure and stretch, which led their growth. (Also read: Exercises for women to get lifted butt)

Here are the things which you should follow for the growth of muscles:

Order of performing exercise

The order of performing exercise influences your gains. And if you want muscular body and strength, you need to emphasize the muscle group. Always hit smaller muscles only after you done with heavy lifting and drained all energy from the big muscles. (Also read: What are the things one should never do on an empty stomach)

Always place weightlifting before cardio

Always keep in mind that practise heavy lifting a day before of cardio session. Because cardio session uses most of your strength. Moreover, if you practice cardio after a heavy lifting session, the fresh muscle gains can improve your performance.

Free weights before exercise machines

Free weights before exercise machine work on the all the muscles of the body. It improves the health of your joint and increases muscles coordination. Moreover, machines work effectively on the small isolate muscles. Actually, free weight exercise is tough and place more stress on the body. This plays important to get a ripped body. (Also read: Amazing 7-Minute workout to Lose Weight and Build Muscle)

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