How to Strengthen your waist with the help of Bodyweight Exercise

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strengthen your waist with the help of bodyweight exercis

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It is important to have a strong waist and chest because it has the biggest role in determining the strength and shape of your upper body. To strengthen the waist, bodyweight exercises are more effective than weighted exercises. When exercising bodyweight, the waist gets complete stretch and movements, which increases its strength. (Also read: What are the best chair exercises to reduce belly fat fast)

Let’s know which bodyweight exercises can help strengthen the waist.


This exercise strengthens the waist and spinal cord and removes the tension. To do this, place knees and palms on the ground. Now, lift the waist upwards by keeping the head down and then lift the chest by folding the waist. Repeat this process for a while and breathe slowly.

Floor Y Raise:

This stretching exercise stretches the upper and middle part of your waist and gives it strength. To do this, lie down on the ground with the stomach and keep both hands at an angle of 45 degrees and straighten it. Now raise the legs and hands together and keep them together. Breathe slowly in this condition. (Also read: How to master forward lunges and fix mistakes)

Sliding leg curls:

To do this exercise, lie on the floor on the ground. Now make the body is balanced by keeping the elbows on the ground and lift the hips and the waist from the ground. Now bring the ankles closer to the knees and bring them back to the initial position. Do 3 sets of 10 raps.

Locust Pose

This exercise strengthens the spinal cord. To do this, lie down on the floor on the ground and then lift the legs upwards. After this, lift the chest and palms from the top and lift it from the ground. Stay in this condition for a while and breathe slowly.


Pull-ups should be practised to make the waist in the muscle and V-shape. To do this, hold the bar with a width equal to the shoulders. Now with the strength of hands, push the body upwards. Make 3 sets of 10 reps. (Also read: What are the benefits of strength training)


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