How to stay fit with hula hoops exercises

how to stay fit with hula hoops exercises

The hula hoops exercises are very beneficial for slimming down the waist and to stay fit. These exercises can be practised in a short span of time. You have to practice only for 10 minutes regularly to avail the maximum benefits of the exercise. It also helps in losing weight by working on hard parts of the body. Hula hoops can burn to at least 100 calories and which is much better than other exercises. Hula hoops have many advantages. (Also read: 4 Shoulder Exercises To Make Deltoid Muscles Strong)

Here is all about Hula Hoops exercise.

Forward Stance

To practice this exercise, stand with the Hula Hoop and hold the right leg forward and keep the hoop from the lower part of the waist. After that turn, the knee slightly lifts the chest, and turn the hoop over the counter on the waist. While doing this, keep your weight on the front and back foot. After that move the hips forward and backwards. If you think that the hoop is falling then stand upright and turn it around the hips around the hips. Similarly, with the other leg.

Side Stance

To practice this exercise, stand your feet slightly stretched. Move the hoop well, then rotate your hips along the side of the hoop, from which the hoop moves on your waist. While doing this, keep your abs and chests tight, keep the head upwards as well. (Also read: Exercises to get amazing lower abs)

360 spin

First of all, practice without a hoop. To practice this exercise, take the left foot forward and move the leg to the right. After that, rotate your body from left to right in 360 degrees. Once you learn how to do without a hoop, then do it with the hoop. Rotate it to a full 360 degree, starting with the forward stance position.


When the hoop starts moving around 360 degrees around, move a bit ahead of one step ahead. Every time you do this, walk a bit. When you feel comfortable walking a bit, start walking a little faster. (Also read: Compound exercises to increase the size of your biceps and triceps)

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