How to start strength training

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how to start strength training

Strength training is a training plan, which is very beneficial to enhance the strength of the body. In this training, resistance is used to induce muscle contraction, which builds strength, anaerobic endurance as well as the size of skeletal muscles. The strength training also helps to maintain balance and coordination of the body. Moreover, it benefits the people of all age group. The various exercise including goblet squat, dumbbell row, push-up and hip extension are practised under the strength training. If you want to reap all the benefits of strength training then you should perform the exercises in a perfect way. You must be aware, how to start strength training, as the wrong start may not provide you best results. (Also read: What are the little changes that can make you fitter)

Let’s know how to start strength training:

No equipment required 
Start with body weight exercise. The body weight exercises like pushups, pull-ups and other bodyweight exercises can help you to build muscles. These exercises make it easier for you to work out longer. You can use some props like elastic resistance and giant inflatable. The more variety helps you get stronger.

Free Weights
The free weight means the weights were not attached to a machine. You can start strength training with a couple of dumbbells. You should always keep adding or removing weight. (Also read: What are the reasons for loss of muscle mass even when you are working out)

Weight Machines
The majority of weight machine targets only one muscle at one time. Despite the weight-machine may not provide as natural a motion as free weights but it keeps you on the safer side. It is beneficial for strength training.

How Often Should You Train?
Rest is very important for the growth of muscles. For better results target each muscle group twice a week and do full body workout 2-3 in a week.

How to choose a starting weight?
At the beginning of strength training, start slow. Just start with barbell or dumbbell bar and learn the right moves. Once your body became habitual of it then add more weight. (Also read: Why should one do a proper warm up before working outs)

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