How to master forward lunges and fix mistakes

how to master forward lunges and fix mistakes

The lunges are very important exercise to develop the strength and endurance of lower body. They work on the muscles of hips, glutes, quads, hamstring as well as the core. This exercise is also very beneficial for the beginners. You can avail the maximum results when you practice it in the right way. Practising exercise in a wrong way can make you more prone to injuries and even do not provide any desired results. (Also read: What are the benefits of strength training)

Let’s know how to master the forward lunge exercise.

How to practice lunge exercise

To practice this exercise, stand tall with feet hip-width apart while engaging core. Then take a step forward with the right leg and shift weight forward so the heel hits the floor first. After this, lower your body until your thigh is parallel to the floor. Following this press into the right heel to drive back up to the starting position. To complete the exercise repeat it with another leg.

The Most Common Lunge Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Never make your body hard by narrowing your stance while practising lunge despite lunges challenges your balance. Make sure that you don’t bring your front foot directly in the same line with back foot. To ignore the mistake, initiate the exercise with feet hip-width apart and maintain that distance throughout the exercise. (Also read: Superset workout to build massive bicep and triceps)

The Mistake: The Heel Pop

While practising lunge don’t take such long step that your front heel won’t pop off the floor. To avoid the mistake, take a larger step, plant your heel on the floor properly and drive on the floor to return to the start position.

The Upper Body Drop

While practising forward lunge, you shift your weight forward from the hip. If you let your upper body drop then it will add strain to your knee. If your chest falls, you are prone to the risk of losing balance. To fix the mistake, engage your core and keep your eyes forward instead of looking into the floor. (Also read: Five bodybuilding tips one should follow after the age of 30)

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