How to make lifting weights more effective

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how to make lifting weights more effective

Workout plays an important role to keep your body fit and healthy. People practice workout according to their fitness goals. The fitness goals vary from person to person. Someone wants six packs abs, some want bigger biceps while others want to gain lean mass. The workout helps to achieve all the fitness goals. Apart from this, variation in a workout is very important to make it more effective. Similarly, once you have completed a month while doing a regular work out, then it is time to take your workout to next level. There are some methods which help you make your weight lifting more effective and take it one level up. If you effectively lift weight then you achieve your desired fitness goal at the earliest. (Also read: What are the common fitness myths that people believe)

Let’s know how to make weight lifting more effective:

Skip the traditional machines
The traditional machines serve their purpose. They are functional with cables, which helps to improve your small muscles. But if you want to go next level, then start lifting the free weight. Moreover, you can also add resistance band to change the movement.

Combine strength & cardio
Strength and cardio work are very effective when done together. If you practice cardio in between your workout, it not only raises your heart rate but also boosts metabolism. Moreover, it also allows your muscles to recover. For better result, when you lift weight try 20 seconds of jump rope between. (Also read: Which exercises help to get bigger biceps)

Play with tempo
Another great way to improve weightlifting is playing with the tempo of reps. It is very beneficial to improve the weightlifting.

Embrace stability
The balancing act can provide ample benefits to your body. It will stimulate more muscles especially core muscles. For betters results try a stability ball at the gym. This will make your lifting more effective.

Hold your pose
The isometric hold is when you contract muscles and hold it in a flexed position. It helps to strengthen muscles. For better results, hold your arm 1-3 seconds while practising row exercise. (Also read: How to do full body workout with the help of bench)

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