How to improve your sleep for muscle growth

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how to improve sleep for muscle growth

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Practising exercises are very important to gain muscles but only the exercises will not help you to achieve fitness goals. You have to keep a check on other things as well like sleep, rest, diet, etc. Adequate sleeping after a workout is very important as muscles recovers during sleep. For the healthy and fit body, you need at least sleep of 8 hours. If you are only focusing on workout and ignoring sleep, it may worse effect on muscle growth. The incomplete or worthless sleep can cause mood swings which will affect the workout routine. (Also read:  Six things you should avoid for stronger bones)

But with the help of below-mentioned tips here, you can get sound sleep to grow your muscles.

Sleep in dark room

Before sleeping, make sure that all the lights in the bedroom are off. Because a little light inside the room can obstruct your sleep. The obstruction in sleep stops important hormone melatonin which causes laziness next morning.

Avoid gadget

Stay away from the gadget. It is important for a good sleep to stop using an electronic gadget at least one hour before the fixed time of sleep. Because using them you get so lost with the apps that there is no time to worry and sleep can get delayed. (Also read: Tricks To Trigger Stagnant Muscle Growth)

Sleep on comfortable bed

You should sleep on a comfortable bed. Because if your bed and mattress are hard or rugged you will not get any rest and you won’t be able to sleep for the whole night. Also, due to these shortcomings of the bed, your body’s posture may get worse.


You must take some time of the day to meditate. By meditation, your brain gets restrained, there is no idea of extravagant and you get better sleep.

Eight hours of sleep

It is very important for our brain to get at least eight hours of sleep to get relief and increase the capacity. This time it is necessary to bring our body into a comfortable position. Otherwise the next morning you will wake up with laziness and which will cause a bad effect on our workouts. (Also read: Facts you should know about abs training)


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