How to get ripped physique like Vidyut Jamwal

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How to get ripped physique like Vidyut Jamwal

New age action hero Vidyut Jamwal made his debut in Bollywood with his action packed movie ‘Force’ and since then he has set a new level of fitness for budding actors. He made his impression by acting as a lead actor in his second Bollywood action packed movie ‘Camondo’, in which he performed various stunts himself. He has been fitness freak since childhood and learned martial art training during his childhood. Jamwal always tries new techniques for fitness so, he can stay focused and get better results. (Also read: How to get fit and muscular body like Arjun Kapoor)

Let’s have a look on exercise and techniques which Vidyut Jamwal practice to stay fit and healthy.

1) Rope climb:

NO BREAK DAYS/NO HOLIDAYS- BUT a few distractions during my workouts are allowed

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The rope climb is the best exercise to improve the balance of the body. Vidyut stops at one place while practising rope climbing which put pressure on shoulder and hands. This strengthens the whole body.

2) Head stand Push-UPs: This exercise is very effective for arms and shoulder. To practice this exercise, he lay back to the wall bend at the waist and place both hands on the floor at shoulder width. Then Vidyut Jamwal Kick himself up against the wall with arms straight. His body upside down with the arms and legs fully extended. Then, he slowly lowers himself to the ground until his head almost touches the floor. Following this, he pushes herself back up slowly.  (Also read: How to get perfect fitness and figure like Amy Jackson)

3) Kalaripayattu:

#Kalaripayattu -swift as the wind,quiet as the forest,conquer like the fire,steady as the mountain

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Kalarippayattu is a martial art, which originated in Kerala, southern India. Vidyut Jamwal is practising this type of martial art since childhood. Moreover, he never forgets to practice this martial art which keeps him active throughout the day.

4) Never skip a workout


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Vidyut Jamwal never skips his workout. Even if you are compelled to skip work due to travel or any other reason, then also practice light exercise which is easy to practice. (Also read: How to get flexible and muscular body like Ranveer Singh)


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