How to get ripped and tonned body like Shahid Kapoor

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how to get ripped and tonned body like shahid kapoor

Every fitness lover has an inspiration. They want to look like few actors whom they follow in terms of physique. The majority of youngsters admire Bollywood stars and want to follow their diet plan as well as a workout routine. Ironically, it is quite difficult for actors to establish them in the category of fittest actors as Bollywood industry is jam packed with fit actors and actresses. Among them, Shahid Kapoor has established his identity in few years by transforming his body.

Moreover, he is strictly vegetarian and includes plenty of green veggies in his diet plan. Washboard abs, wide shoulder and bigger biceps are some attractive features of Shadi Kapoor’s ripped body.

He works hard to achieve fitness goals.  Moreover, Shahid is very concerned about his shoulder as shoulders play important role in the every exercise. He also adds variations in shoulder exercise to get stronger and wide shoulders. If you want to get shoulders and body like Shahid Kapoor, then you will need to do the same exercise.

Here we reveal secrets of Shahid’s workout routine.


Tommy prep. #runtommyrun

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Before exercising any part of the body, you need a warm-up, so that the body’s muscles can prepare themselves for workouts. Shahid first uses the treadmill so that all the muscles in his body get heated and the exercises after it to yield good results.

Hindu Push-ups

Tommy prep. Blood and sweat. @bodyholics

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This is the old exercise of India, which is more effective for shoulders than normal push-ups. Because it has a lot of impact on the shoulders and the shoulder muscles get stronger, it also benefits chest, arms and core.

Seated shoulder press

This shoulder exercise is a modern form of the Barbell Press. Shahid never skip the seated shoulder press as it helps him for perfect shape shoulders. To practice this exercise, raise weight shoulder exercise machine with the help of hands. Make 3 sets of 10-12 rap.

Lateral Raise

Tommy prep. Delta death.

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This exercise is also called Side Rage. This exercise is done with the help of dumbbells. In this exercise, your shoulders have a lot of pressure on the tail masses and they help in getting better size and shape.

Battling Rope-Crossover

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This exercise is very beneficial for the strengthening shoulders. In this, a thick rope can be pulled by both hands and then lifted above the shoulders and then thrown onto the ground. This exercise is also very important to give strength to the shoulders.

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