How to get muscular and toned body like VJ Bani

how to get muscular and toned body like vj bani

Gurbani Judge popularly known as VJ Bani is an ex-roadie and Big Boss season10 runner up, is an inspiration to millions of people especially who loves fitness. She is a fitness enthusiast and her love for fitness as well as tattoos is well-known. Now she has become an inspiration to all women who want a physique like her. The ex-roadie has transformed herself into the sculpted muscular goddess. Moreover, she keeps posting pictures on social media to debunk such stereotypes. (Also read: How to get perfect fitness and figure like Amy Jackson)

Bani J never misses her workout and sticks to her diet. And despite her hectic schedule she also gives 100 percent to the fitness. Moreover, she was even trolled and body shamed for her muscular frame.

Here we bring you a brief snapshot of Bani J’s workout and diet routine followed by her to get motivated for a fitter you. Bani J’s sculpted muscles and abs did not come easy. Here is a video of her workout, which reveals her dedication and hard work. (Also read: How to get fit and muscular body like Arjun Kapoor)

Bani J’s leg workout

For stronger legs, VJ Bani starts with 50 kg and lift maximum 120 kg weight for her last set. “Just felt solid enough to keep adding weight,” she wrote on the Instagram post.


To stay fit Bani J also practice handstand in the gym. The regular practising of headstand improves the blood flow in the body.

Single arm Dumble Row

Single arm Dumble row is one of her favorite exercises. The single arm Dumble row exercise strengthen the back muscles. (Also read: How to get flexible and muscular body like Ranveer Singh)

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