How to get lean and slim figure like Kriti Sanon

how to get figure like kriti sanon

The Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon has won the heart of millions with her acting skills. Kriti Sanon is also famous for her lean and slim figure. She daily spends the same amount of time for improving acting as well as to attain high levels of fitness. Undoubtedly, fitness is very important in the Bollywood industry to attract the eyeballs of people. She works hard and maintains her figure by performing several tough exercises daily. The actress also shares pictures and videos of her workouts on social media which reveals that she sweat in a gym for hours. In many of the recent films, Kriti has made several changes in her figure, which adds charm to her personality. (Also read: How to get hourglass figure like Deepika Padukone)

Here the beauty and fitness secrets of Kriti Sanon.

The secret behind the toned legs and thin waist is squats. Her workout includes not only squats but she also tries variations. The squats are a better option if you want to lose weight and make muscles. Squats work on many muscles such as calf, thigh, stomach, which can tone and strengthen the body.

The actress also reveals that she also includes pilates in her workout. She practices Pilates three to four times in a week. The Pilates helps in boosting stamina, balance, and flexibility throughout the work. (Also read: How to get perfect fitness and figure like Amy Jackson)

Increasing core strength bit by bit! Love ending my workout with a Plank! #StayFit

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Apart from this, Kriti Sanon also practices planks in a workout session. The planks also help to tighten the waist portion. Moreover, the planks also work on abdominal muscles.

Sunday is my Fun-day in gym! 😉 @yasminkarachiwala #YasminsBodyImage

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Kriti Sanon sweats in the gym for hours to keep herself fit. She practices many types of workouts to strengthen her biceps, waist, and also stomach muscles. The tough workout also helps her to attain attractive figure due to which she has been among the list of the fittest actress in Bollywood industry. (Also read: Alia Bhatt’s Diet Secret For Weight Loss)

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