How to get hourglass figure like Deepika Padukone

how to get hourglass figure like deepika padukone

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An inspiration for million women, Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone is a perfect role model for fitness enthusiasts. She has been popular for her hourglass figure and glowing skin. She is one of the fittest actresses in the Bollywood. Padukone has proved her fitness level by performing various stunts in action-packed movies in Bollywood and Hollywood. She has been seen performing difficult stunts in movies like Chandi Chowk to China, Bajirao Mastani, and xXx: Return of Xander Cage. It is not an easy task to maintain lean body and washboard abs. She works out with discipline and dedication to maintain her figure. (Also read: How to get muscular and toned body like VJ Bani)

Here is a video of her workout, which reveals her dedication and hard work.


She performs deadlift to strengthen lower back muscles. No only on lower back muscles, it also works on lower and upper body.(Also read: How to get perfect fitness and figure like Amy Jackson)

Pull ups

She also practices pulls which strengthen her back, rear shoulders, and arms. To practice, the pull-ups grab the bar and grip it about shoulder-width apart. Pull yourself up and keep your elbows close. Following this pass the bar until your chin passes the bar. Then lower yourself all the way down until your arms are straight.

Explosive Pull Ups

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Deepika Padukone practices explosive pulls ups as well. This pull-up is performed as similar to the pull-ups. But you need to perform as fast as you can.

Barbell triceps

She practices barbell triceps to strengthen her triceps. To practice triceps, she lies down on a bench and holds a barbell with both hands just above the forehead Then raises the barbell by straightening her arms and slowly bring it to the start position.

Kettlebell press

She also practices kettlebell press to stay healthy. The kettlebell press works upper and lower body at the same time. The kettlebell press is very beneficial for every muscle in the body.  (Also read: Alia Bhatt’s Diet Secret For Weight Loss)

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