How to get giant muscular body like The Great Khali

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get giant muscular body like great khali

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Indian wrestler and WWE star, Dalip Singh Rana is popularly known as The Great Khali is famous for his giant and muscular body. People with long and broad bodies have some difficulty in making a muscular body because their muscles take a lot of time to come in shape. But despite everything, Great Khali being tall and wide, managed to make his body muscular only due to his hard workout routine. To create a muscular body, there is no need to experiment with weird techniques and tricky methods but you can make muscular bodies from ordinary and general exercises. For this, you will need to do regular workouts and have some patience. (Also read: How to get stunning body like Urvashi Rautela)

Here is workout routine followed by The Great Khali for Muscular Body.

Dumbbell curls

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Dumbbell curls are a very effective exercise to enhance the size and also to make a shape of biceps. Practice dumbbell curls exercise you will get a direct impact on your biceps muscles. Dumbbell curls can be done either by standing or sitting. To practice this, grab the dumbells in both hands and bring it towards your shoulders. During this, your elbows should be stable and do not turn wrists. (Also read: How to get chiseled body like Sidharth Malhotra)

Triceps Pull down

Triceps are the largest part of your arms. To strengthen this, the trips pull-down is an effective exercise. To practice, this exercise set the cable machine to the top and grab the bar and bring it downwards. Keep both the elbows stable by bringing the bar down.

T- bar row

T-bar can be done with the help of both the machines and the barbell. It strengthens your waist and lats muscles. To practice this exercise, put weight on the machine and bring it towards chest with the help of both hands. While putting the machine handles down, keep in mind that your shoulders do not bend forward.

Seated cable row

Seated cable row affects your waist traps muscles, lats muscles, and biceps. To practice, this exercise set the seated cable machine to the bottom and bring the handle towards the lower part of your chest. Your knees should also be slightly curled while exercising. (Also read: What are the secrets behind Esha Gupta’s svelte figure)

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