How to get fit and muscular body like Arjun Kapoor

how to get flexible and muscular body like arjun kapoor

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The Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor has worked a lot on his fitness before entering in the film industry. His hard work can be imagined from the fact that he transformed his body into muscular from the fatty body. Before entering in Bollywood his weight was 140 kg.  It is very important to practice exercise accordingly to the body weight. Similarly, adding tips in the exercise will provide you better and fast results. (Also Read: How To Get Fitness Like Sushant Singh Rajput)

Here Arjun Kapoor reveals the secret of fat to fit:

1) Arjun Kapoor workout twice in a day. He said that he has set routine according to his body structure. Arjun added that if you want to attain bigger target then you have to sweat a lot in the gym. He informed that he practice cardio in the morning and wet training into the evening.

2) Arjun Kapoor practices a lot of different cardio exercises like high-intensity cardio, functional training, CrossFit style cardio and low-intensity cardio. (Also Read: How to get flexible and muscular body like Ranveer Singh)

High-intensity cardio: In this type of cardio you have to practice cardio exercises quickly with full strength. And you have to continue exercises for a longer span of time.

Functional training: This is very famous exercise of a cardio session. This training is very easy and simple as you have to practice exercise like daily routine work. This exercise comprises of walking through stairs and sit-ups.

Crossfit style: This exercise is also very easy and simple. This exercise is performed by using body weight. And you don’t need to lift any kind of weight while performing CrossFit style cardio.

Low-intensity cardio: This very simple version of the cardio exercise. In this type of cardio, you have to work out by walking and etc.

3) Arjun Kapoor said that it very important to continue exercise till the strength of muscle not exhausted. He also said he believes that muscles enhance their strength after getting fully exhausted.

4) The Bollywood actor, Kapoor said that sometimes practice exercise of different muscles together, which increases the challenge of the body. Moreover, you will get better results by practising such exercises. (Also Read: How to get perfect fitness and figure like Amy Jackson)

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