How to get bigger and stronger arms

how to-get bigger and stronger arms

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Bigger and stronger arms add charms to the personality of an individual. The bigger and stronger arms not only improves your personality but also plays an important role in the main lifts. Ironically, many people think that training biceps are enough for stronger arms. But they are wrong as training arms does not mean training arms only. The arms are comprised bicep, triceps and the forearm muscles. For the stronger arms, these all muscles should be strong. Follow the below-mentioned tips for stronger arms and feel the difference. (Also read: How is dumbbell workout better than cardio)

Here are the tips for stronger and bigger arms.

Add pull ups and chin ups in every workout:
how to get bigger and stronger arms
Pull ups and chin ups are an effective exercise for arms. All the muscles get active when you practice pull ups and chin ups. When you practice pull ups or chin up, your arms hold the weight of your whole body. This improves the strength of the arms and makes them muscular. (Also read: What exercises might harm your body)

Deadlift heavy once in a week
how to get bigger and stronger arms
The deadlift also strengthens the forearms. Only few exercise requires such kind activation of forearms and deadlift is one of them. When deadlift heavyweight intensely, it uses the force of forearms. The tension builds in your forearms during the exercise stabilize the muscles of arms and you will experience muscles gains.

Perform bench press twice a week

The bench press is very effective to increase the strength of arms. The bench press utilizes the muscles and strengthens them. When you practice bench press it activates the triceps muscles and helps them to grow. For better results, practice bench with a comfortable weight, so you complete the reps.

Start your arm day with squat
how to get bigger and stronger arms
If you are going to practice intense heavy arm work out then start with it squats. It will release the hormone to keep your body balance and growth. For better results practice five sets squats before arms workout.

Do your conditioning on airdyne

Airdyne machine helps to pump up your arms. The push and pull combination on airdyne machine is great for your arms.

Keep your arsenal small

Choose 2 or 3 exercises with higher reps for arm specific workout. Instead of focusing on exercise with higher weight, just concern yourself with intensity and volume for better results. (Also read: What are the exercises woman like to see men doing in gym)

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