How to get a ripped body like Sonu Sood

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how to get fit body like sonu sood at the age of 43

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Sonu Sood comes in the list of Bollywood actors who do not like to compromise with their fitness. He is one of fittest actors in the Bollywood industry. He revealed his body and washboard abs in movies like Dabaang and R Rajkumar. In these movies, he also performed action scenes, which is tough to perform with lower fitness levels. You need to work hard and high to perform such action stunts. However, in the majority of films, he acts as a villain but gives a tough fight to lead actors in the term of personality and fitness. Sonu Sood works hard to maintain his fitness level even in the age of 43. He mostly practices body weight and cardio exercises to stay fit.

Here is video, which reveals secrets of Sonu Sood fitness.


Sonu Sood practice different types of push-ups for his body. Though the push-ups are basic body weight exercise, they are very effective to make the body stronger by targeting most of the muscles joints. Using variations and different methods in push-ups, you can also make the exercise even more effective, likewise, Sonu Sood doing in this video. Thus, the variations in push-ups give a better result at the earliest.


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The actor practice chin-ups to strengthen his upper body. The Chin-ups are very effective as they target biceps, shoulders, waist and chest muscles. In this exercise, Sonu is also raising the pressure from his legs to the front.

Single Hand Chin-Ups

Chin-Ups can also be practised with one hand for effective results. In this exercise, Sonu put whole body weight on the one hand. However, this also increases the strength of the hand and also strains on stomach muscles on the same time. You can also add variations and advanced technique in this exercise to increase effectiveness.

Concentration curls

This exercise should be done for improving the size and strength of the biceps. This exercise could be more effective if it is practice in right posture and method. Sonu is also doing his movement very slowly in this exercise, slow movements in the exercise are perfect for better results. However, this exercise provides better results at the earliest.

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