How to get a lean body with 20 minute workout plan

20 minutes workout to get lean body

In our busy lives, no one has time to spend long hours in the gym to stay fit. The busy people adopt pathetic approach towards exercise. And this approach causes many health issues and make them out of shape. Don’t worry, you can stay fit and get a lean body with 20 minutes workout. This workout can be practised at home. The workout raises your heart rate up and burns body fat. Moreover, these workouts also tone your shoulder, arms, glutes as well as legs. To practice, this 20 minutes workout all you need is a resistance band, a chair and light dumbbells.

Squat Press with Resistance Band

This exercise is very beneficial for stabilizing the muscles of the whole body. To practice this exercise, hold resistance band while keeping a foot on the band. Keep squatting and as you rise, complete shoulder press. Practice 20 reps of this exercise.

Lateral Raise To Front Raise with Resistance Band

To practice this exercise, stand on the resistance band. Following this raise your arms forwards and try to avoid pulling from your wrists. Also, engage shoulder and keep elbows slightly bent. Come to eye level, lower, then raise it to shoulder height and lower to complete one rep. Practice 20 rep for better results.

Curtsy Lunge with Squat

To practice this exercise, stand with feet shoulder-width apart. After this, step one leg backwards and across your body into a curtsy lunge until front leg is parallel with the floor. Following this come back to start position. Practice 12 reps on each leg for better results.

Dumbbell Pushup Press

This is an effective exercise to stay lean. To practice this exercise, come to push-up position while holding dumbbells. After this complete pushup by lower chest to dumbbell level. Following this, jump to feet while holding dumbbells. Practice 15 reps for better results.

Resistance Band Bicep Curl

This exercise is quite easy to practice and effective exercise to stay fit. To practice this exercise, keep foots on resistance while keeping palms up. Also, keep elbows locked. After this, contract bicep and bring hands towards your shoulder.

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