How to gain muscles with amazing dumbbells move

How to gain muscles with amazing dumbbells move

The exercise is very important to stay healthy and fit. Whether you want to gain weight or lose weight you need exercise with proper diet. But due to lack of time and busy life, it is not feasible for some people to spend long hours in the gym. They always search for the exercise, which can be practised in short time, so they stay healthy and fit. Don’t worry, there are six moves which can help you achieve fitness goals. If you want to gain muscles then these six moves are very effective and all you need is a pair of dumbbells. These moves help you gain full body muscles. (Also read: How to get bigger and stronger arms)

 Here are the six dumbbell moves which help you to gain muscles.

Rear foot elevated squat to hinge

This exercise works wonder to your glutes, quads, core, hip-flexor, claves and posture. To practice this exercise, grab a dumbbell keep rest your back foot on the raised bench. After this slowly lower down your knee to light touch the floor while keeping your chest up. Following this at the top of squat perform hip hinge movement.

Split squat to lateral raise

This exercise targets your glute muscles, quadriceps and shoulder. To practice this exercise, come in the split squat position while holding dumbbells in each hand. Then lower down your back leg and keep front knee parallel to the floor. Immediately, pop your back up. After come down and repeat with another leg. (Also read: What are the exercises woman like to see men doing in gym)

Man maker

This exercise hits every muscle fibre as your muscles remain under tension a lot of time. To practice this exercise, grab dumbbells and come high plank position. Complete a push-up motion. When returning, complete one single-arm dumbbell row. Complete another push-up and perform another one-arm row. Then come in jumping motion after performing another push-up. Bring the dumbbells up and perform a biceps curl. Followed by this practice squat and return to the start position.

Lunge with overhead reach

This exercise works on glutes medius, shoulder, abs and inner groin. This move is highly beneficial for flexibility. To practice this exercise, perform a lunge. Stay in a lunge position and raise your hand above the heads and come down in lat down position. Following this drive your foot back and stand up. Repeat with another leg.

Valslide weighted crawl

This very effective exercise for core and shoulder muscles. To practice this exercise, grab two valslide and tie it around your waist. After this start crawling while keeping your core straight. For better results crawls 20- 30 yards. (Also read: Four treadmill workout that you have never practiced)

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