How to perform abs exercises in the perfect way

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how to do abs exercises in perfect way

Muscular and attractive abs make your body strong and increase physical strength. People work hard to make attractive and muscular abs and practice different exercises. But despite this hard work, they do not attain the expected results. In order to get quick and effective results, you need to do exercises properly. But most people do some abs exercises in a wrong way and all work hard goes to waste. (Also read: How To Get Six Pack Abs Without Pain)

Let’s know which abs exercise is done by most people wrongly and how to fix them.

Russian Twist

The Russian twist has a direct effect on your oblique muscles, but while doing this, most people do not rotate the upper body while moving hands on both sides of the body, thereby its reduces its effect. Therefore, while practising it, keep in mind that keep your abdominal muscles are tight and keep both the hands on the right and the left and turn the upper body on the same side. Make 3 sets of 10 reps.


This exercise is most commonly used to strengthen the abs. But while doing this, people stick their chin with their neck. Because of this, the effect is removed from the abdominal muscles and hard work goes waist. Keep crushing the abs muscles tight and keep the neck straight and keep the head, chest, and waist in a straight line while raising the torso. Make 3 sets of 10 reps. (Also read: What are the tips to stay focused while beginning exercise)

Leg Raise

Leg raise strengthens the lower abdominal muscles, but people make a great mistake while practising it, which reduces the effect of not only exercise, but there is also the possibility of pain in the waist. While practising it, keep the waist down completely from the ground when you bring the feet down. Many people lift the waist while bringing down the feet and reduce the effect of this exercise.

Bicycle Crunch

To make the bicycle crunch effective, not only will be the movement correct, but the stomach has to keep tight for the whole time. But many people do not do this, which is a big mistake. To get the full impact of bicycle crunch, keep abdominal muscles tight. Make upto 3 sets for 20 seconds.


Plank is a very effective exercise to influence the core mussels. But to get the full effect of this, you have to put the waist, hips and neck in one direction while exercising the plank. By which all the body weight can come to your palm and calf. Make 3 sets of 30 seconds. (Also read: High intensity interval training to reduce 500 calories)

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