How Sheryln Chopra Stay Slim And Healthy

How Sheryln Chopra stay slim and healthy

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Sherlyn Chopra is the first Indian model and actress who has shot a photo shoot for the popular American magazine ‘Playboy’. Sherlyn Chopra, famous for her bold style and fit figure. She works hard to keep herself slim and fit. She does not compromise with any of her workout routines. Sherlyn Chopra mixes Yoga, running and wet exercise for a healthy body. (Also read: How to get lean and slim figure like Kriti Sanon)

Let us know which exercises Sherlyn Chopra practice to stay fit and healthy:


sherlyn chopra keeps body slim fit
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Sherlyn Chopra works on the treadmill to stay fit. With the help of a treadmill, you can run at home. Running affects entire muscles of the body and thus makes them strong. Running also helps in increasing your stamina and improves blood flow. You can also control your speed and distance on the treadmill machine. The treadmill also displays a number of calories burned by you after running on it.

Leg Raise

Sherlyn chopra keeps body slim fit
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She strengthens and shapes her hips with leg raise exercise. Leg raise strengthen your hips and the inner muscles. It also strengthens the muscles of your stomach. To practice this, lie straight on the ground and place your two palms under your hips. Now lift your legs together and make a 90-degree angle. Stay in this posture for some time and then lower down the feet down at start position. (Also read: How to get hourglass figure like Deepika Padukone)

Side lying leg lift

The side lying leg lift strengthens the lower muscles of your abdomen. This exercise also makes legs and hips flexible. You can use this exercise to remove excess fat of your lower abdomen and hips. To practice this exercise, lie on one side of the body and raise the top of your foot.


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Benchpress strengthens your chest and produces strains in chest muscles. This exercise affects your pecs muscles.


Crunch strengthens the muscles of your stomach. Practicing this exercise also slim down your waist and make your core muscles flexible. To practice this exercise, lie down on the ground and put your hands behind the head and lift your torso to make a 90-degree angle.


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Sherlyn Chopra also practices various yoga poses to stay fit. The yoga helps to increase the flexibility. Moreover, if yoga is practiced regularly, it will also increase muscle strength and tone. (Also read: How to get muscular and toned body like VJ Bani)

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