How many times you should workout in a week

How many times you should workout in a week

The workout is very important for fitness and overall health. Ironically, the excess of anything is very bad and the same thing applies for the exercises as well. If you exercise continuously, your muscles growth become stagnant and you will not achieve fitness goals. The muscles need proper rest as they need time to repair after the exercise. There is confusion among people as they don’t know how times in a week they should train themselves to achieve fitness goals. (Also read: What are the myths about running which you should stop believing immediately)

Let us know how many times in a week you should train yourself.

How many times should you workout in a week?

The workout frequency depends upon your ability, goals, likes, dislikes and the equipment available in the gym. The most important thing is the availability of time.

Training four or five days in a week is ideal to achieve the fitness goals. But some people did not get time for four to five days to train themselves.

How long should you workout?

The majority of people believe that the half an hour workout is effective to achieve fitness goals. The half-hour workout is beneficial for conditioning session and interval training. This is not true if you want to achieve goals at the earliest, you should work out for at least 45 minutes. For this spend 10 minutes for warmup and mobilise your body for 30-40 minutes for better results. After this, practice 5 minutes cool down stretching. (Also read:  What are the best chair exercises to reduce belly fat fast)

Can you weight train for two or three days in a row?

If you regularly lift weight then take one day rest between session if necessary. You can practice weight training for two days in a row. And three days weight lifting training for three consecutive days unless you are not professional.

How important is rest?

For better results, rest is important. The muscles repair themselves during rest and rebuild damaged muscles tissues. You should take an adequate sleep. Sleeping for seven to eight hours per night is sufficient. If you are getting inadequate sleep then your workout will suffer. (Also read: What are the best cardio workouts for strengthening knees)

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