How many times in a day you should avoid drinking water

How many times in a day you should avoid drinking water

It is well-known fact that water is very necessary as it keeps the body hydrated. Moreover, it also helps to avoid overeating as well as encourage the fat burning process. Despite having enough benefits it is not always beneficial to drink excessive water. It may sound bizarre but there is some specific time when you should avoid drinking water. (Also read: Seven Health Benefits Of Fasting For Whole Body Wellness)

Here are the times when you should avoid water:

1) Avoid drinking during meals
Avoid water during meals it makes our system difficult to digest food. When you drink water during meals, it makes your stomach full and then there’s no space left for the food. Moreover, drinking water during meals dilutes the digestive enzymes and acid in the stomach.

3) After powerful workout
Strictly avoid drinking water after a powerful workout. Drinking water affects your health when you sweat a lot after exercise. After intense work out important like electrolytes and potassium drained through sweat. In this regard, opt for a drink like a coconut water, which is a rich source of potassium, magnesium and vitamin c. (Also read: Foods You Should Never Have On An Empty Stomach)

4) After a heavy meal
Drinking water immediately after a heavy meal is not a good idea. In this regard wait for some time, let the food, digest and then drink water. If you drink water after a heavy meal it may leave you feeling more bloated.

5) When urine is clear
Watch the colour of urine. If the colour of urine is yellowish then you need drink water as reached dehydration. Similarly, if the colour of your urine is white then you don’t need to drink more water.

6) When stomach is full with water
Drinking a lot of water is not healthy if you don’t keep track on it. When you consume a lot of water it dilutes the level of sodium in blood cells and causes swelling in cells. This known as hyponatremia. Moreover, problems in the liver, kidney, heart, or pituitary gland also cause hyponatremia. (Also read: 10 foods for building strong and healthy bones)

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