How heavy bag workout helps to stay fit

How heavy bag workout helps to stay fit

A heavy bag or a punching bag has a very old technique but it is quite beneficial for overall health. It also improves overall fitness, stamina and also escalates metabolic rate. This technique also helps professionals and it provides amazing results. It requires strength and stamina to practice punching bad exercises. And to stay motivated, energetic and healthy include this heavy bag or punching bag. (Also read:  What are the best exercises to pump your hands)

What is a heavy bag?

A heavy bag is a stuffed bag made of leather. It weighs between 40 and 100 pounds. It is most commonly used by boxers to build their punching power and improve boxing techniques. Punching bag demands a lot of strength and stamina which makes a test of your physical abilities. There are numerous health benefits associated with heavy bag training which cannot be neglected.

Here are the benefits of Punching bag

Improves Aerobic Fitness

It is very beneficial to improve the aerobic fitness. While moving around a bag, you change body positions, you use equal energy that used in the aerobic workout. If you want to reap all the aerobic benefits from the punching bag then you must build up for at least minutes and increase it to three, when the capacity increases. (Also read: How many times you should workout in a week)

Improves Power

The punching bag is most commonly used by boxers to improve their punching power. When you punch on the bag is thrown with perfect technique and with maximum force possible. The main muscles that used while hitting the bag including shoulders, arms, back, chest and waist.

Improves Coordination And Core Stability

When you throw punches while moving around the bag it improves that coordination. Moreover, when you keep yourself on the toes while transferring weight from foot to another body part, it develops core strength and overall body coordination.

Improves Body Shape

The heavy bag training improves your body shape effectively. It targets your shoulder, biceps and back. Though this training will not provide equal to the bodybuilding workout. It gives you an amazing body shape by escalating excess body fat. (Also read: What are the myths about running which you should stop believing immediately)

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