How different body fat percentage look on men

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Body fat percentage

The body fat percentage is one of the best tools to asses fitness goals.

When it comes to fitness, everyone focuses on numbers whether it is reps, sets, miles and heart rate to achieve targets. Unfortunately, people forget to consider body fat percentage. If you are also doing the same then you should add these numbers to the list. The body fat percentage is one of the best tools to asses fitness goals. It is a portion of your overall body composition and what portion is lean mass. The average fat for men is 18 to 24 percent while 15 to 17 percentage place you in the fitness category. Moreover, 10 to 15 percent fats are realistic for cuts. It important for you to know how the percentage of the body appear on the body. The body fat percentage 5 to 8 percent, 9 to 13 percent, 14-17 percent, and 18-20 percent look different on the body.

Let’s know how different body percentage look on men: 


  1. Men body fat 5-8%

    Body fat percentage define your muscles.
    With 5-8 percent body fat, you look more toned.

    If you have 5-8 percent your body looks more toned. This percentage of body fat makes your muscles and veins more defined. Moreover, if you don’t have big muscles even then they will look defined.

  2. Men body fat 9-13%
    Body fat percentage define your muscularity.
    With 9 to 13 body fat percentage will give you six packs.

    If you have 9 to 13 percent then definitely you have six packs and often extensively-ramified superficial veins. Moreover, your chest and arms are defined.

  3. Men body fat 14-17%
    Under this percentage of body fat, the two upper abdominal areas are toned but bottom abs are not visible. Despite you will have some separation and hardness of the muscles but everything is not well-defined.
  4. Men body fat 18-20%
    In this case, you don’t have a definition. Moreover, there is shadowing of the abs and in your arms. But you don’t have a six-pack or rippling arms.

How to achieve a lower body fat percentage
The difference between 7 and 20 percent is not your workout but your diet. The person who has 7% body fat is definitely following a very strict regimen. Meanwhile, a person with the 10 to 12% might have a cheat meal.
When you want to hit a new body fat category. First, you have to decide how important is being less than 10% because it requires important lifestyle changes. At 20%, you might eat half a pizza. At 15%, you’ll have one slice but at 8% you have to avoid pizza. (Also read: Why women should do weight lifting)

Every fitness expert gives focus to reps, weight and any other numbers related to exercise. Despite these numbers are important, no one should ignore body fat percentage. If you are aware of body fat percentage then you will be able to achieve fitness goals at the earliest. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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