High protein lunch: Which high protein lunch helps to gain lean muscles

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Get adequate protein by consuming these lunch meals.

High protein lunch: Know which meals provide adequate protein

Everyone desires lean muscles as it makes your appearance muscular and healthy. To build lean muscles, it is necessary to consume the adequate amount of protein. While carbohydrate and fats also play an important role to provide energy. If your fitness goal is to gain lean muscles then consumption of protein is very important. People always search for different sources of protein. If you are also looking for protein sources then there are some lunch meals which contains the adequate amount of protein. Consumption of these lunch meals helps to gain lean muscles at the earliest and also keep health-related problems at bay. (Also read: Protein powder: How to choose best protein powder)

High protein lunch: Let’s know about high protein lunch which helps in gaining lean muscles.

  1. Tuna salad sandwich

    Consume tuna fish salad to stay healthy
    High protein lunch: Consume tuna fish to get an adequate amount of protein.

    Tuna salad sandwich delivers the adequate amount of protein to the body. The sandwich contains both tuna and salmon fish. It provides the adequate amount of protein, omega 3 fats and selenium. And it is served with two slices of whole grain bread. Moreover, it is quite easy for lunch. (Also read: Protein shake mistakes: What are the most common protein shake mistakes)

  2. Shrimp and crispy chickpea salad
    Shrimp is the good source of lean protein and also contain BCCAAs. The consumption of shrimp does not cause any side effect. This fulfils the requirement of protein by the body. And effectively helps to gain lean muscles.
  3. Spicy egg, cucumber & avocado toast
    Consumption of egg provides muscle-building protein while avocado delivers healthy fats. Consume this with 100 per cent whole grain bread. Moreover, one toast is enough for filling the stomach.
  4. Tuna quinoa cakes
    Quinoa cakes are quite easy to make for lunch. To make high protein lunch, add the large green vegetable salad or stuff with tomato. This cakes will provide adequate protein for the body.
  5. Toasted chickpea sea-salad sandwiches
    The sandwich made with chickpea is the good source of protein. This salad also contains live bacteria which keeps your gut healthy. If you don’t like the bread then serve the salad on a lettuce green instead.

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Protein consumption is very important as it helps in building lean muscles. You must be aware high-protein based lunch.

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