High-intensity interval training to boost metabolism

high intensity interval training to boost metabolism

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is very popular among fit people. This training includes short bursts of intense exercise coupled with small breaks. The HIIT training is one of the best metabolism boosters. Moreover, the training has the ability to keep the body burning fat even after the workout. (Also Read: Six Best Full-Body No Equipment Exercises You Can Do At Home)

What Are HIIT Workouts?

HIIT include repeated short bursts of high-intensity followed by the small recovery breaks. For better results, the particular exercise is repeated several times in a row usually for a duration of between 20-30 minutes. Those people, who have a busy schedule and are not able to exercise for hours, HIIT training is very beneficial for them as it provides results at earliest.

How to Perform HIIT Workouts

For an instance, the HIIT can be performed on the treadmill. You have to run on the treadmill, alternating between a very fast pace and slower. Repeat the same for 3- 4 times for better results. (Also Read: Four exercises to improve neck posture

HIIT workouts Benefits

HIIT training has the ability to totally transform your body. The training has its effect on three important system in the body including cardiovascular health, ability to use oxygen and hormone levels.

The training also benefits blood flow and blood vessel dilation. Moreover, it has more potential to improve the VO2max and general fitness abilities than other exercises. The VO2max is also an indicator of cardiovascular endurance.

The VO2max is a maximum amount of oxygen (in millilitres) that a person can use in one minute per kilogram of their body weight. The amount of oxygen that a person can utilize within one minute is a sign of their overall fitness level as well as lung and the health of the heart.

The training also enhances your cardiovascular health by pumping your heart rate high during periods of intense work.

HIIT release muscle-growth and Fat-Burning Hormones

During HIIT training the body produces the growth hormone known as IGF-1, which permit the body gain lean mass muscles. (Also Read: How Many Pushups One Should Do In A Day)

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